Top Ten Aussie Pests

Australian Household Pests

When thinking about pests in your area of Australia, quite a few may come to mind. Below are some lists of Australian Household pests that you may or may not have come across.

  1. The dreaded cockroach

  • Common cockroach is smaller than the ones in North America
  • Comes from the same family as termites
  • The giant burrowing cockroach is native to Queensland and get up to 3 inches in length
  • There are 450+ sub-species in Australia
  • Some varieties use a hissing sound and some use vibration for mating

They are considered a pest because they can make asthma and allergies worse, they can spread disease and can crawl in the ear canal and cause problems. Pesticides are the best way to deal with them but even that is not foolproof.

  1. Blood sucking ticks

  • Ticks can spread many diseases
  • The paralysis tick is common in Eastern Australia
  • Other diseases is tick typhus and tick spotted fever

The best way to avoid them is to stay away from them but if you can’t, then use deet spray, wear lights clothes that will make it easier to see them, wear long sleeves and pants and remove them as soon as you see them

Common Australian Pest

  1. The Leggy Millipedes

  • Over 12,000 species
  • Do not cause any health problems for people
  • They are not deadly

The best ways to control infestations is to make sure there is no food out that they could eat. If your garden has decayed plants in it you should remove them. They eat mold and mildew so make sure to take care all these issues. Use human and animal safe insecticides. This is one of the easiest pests to eliminate.

  1. Silverfish

  • Silverfish do not bite
  • They like dark humid places
  • When they move they wiggle like a fish would
  • They eat adhesives like the binding of a book, or wallpaper

They are eaten by spiders but that is not a good method to get rid of them. In most cases, it is best to use an insecticide. It is best to get rid of them because even though they carry no diseases, they can be very destructive.

  1. Those annoying Ants

  • The jumper ant is poisonous
  • The Yellow Crazy ant causes a lot of damage and bully native ants and take over
  • 1,275 subspecies of ants in Australia
  • Ants will go a long way from home to get and bring back food

Eliminating ants can become a job. Caulk all cracks and crevices to stop them from getting in your home. Clean a lot to make sure they have no food source. Bait traps work to kill off the colony.

  1. Don’t let the bedbugs bite

  • Bedbugs get into cracks and crevices
  • They are nocturnal but will come out in the day if need be
  • They multiply extremely fast
  • Their babies are transparent so you may not notice just how many there are
  • They can live for 1+ years with not food

Home remedies do not work. Hiring a professional is the best case scenario for killing them off. It is expensive but it is the only way that really works. It takes at least 2 sessions to kill them off. There are professionals that can do it by heat but that is even more expensive.

  1. Mice or Rats

  • They nest in quiet places
  • They are known to spread disease
  • There is almost no space they can’t squeeze through

The best way to kill rodents is to bait a trap that has a deep well and put instant mashed potatoes in it. Rodents just love the stuff. You could call an exterminator if you do not want to do it yourself.

  1. Those wood eating Termites

  • There are 350+ species of termites in Australia
  • In the wild they are a good thing. They help with soil nutrition
  • You need to identify what species it is because there are different methods of killing certain ones

There are things that can be done to take care of your termite problem. If it is a new building, use treated lumber. Call an exterminator to kill off the colony.

Common Types of Pest in Australia

  1.  Creepy spiders

  • Australia has the most deadly spiders
  • There are 1000+ species that live in Australia alone
  • They like warm dry places

An exterminator might be needed if you have a lot of spiders. Salt water sprayed in the area where they live is also a deterrent if you cannot afford a pro.

  1. The Stinging Wasp

  • They are necessary to pollination
  • The paper wasp is Australia’s native wasp
  • Wasps can detach there stinger so that they can sting many times

Locate the nest and destroy it. This has to be done before you use pesticides. You may want a professional because they will be more adept at handling the problem.

Australia basically has the same pests as every other country although some are more deadly.

For that reason alone, maybe a professional exterminator like should be called just to be safe. But in all cases, just be smart about it.