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Are you on the market for a commercial property? Are you looking at buying a new home? A building and pest inspection should be at the top of your priority list before you make an offer on a commercial or residential property. A building and pest inspection identify any damage that may have been caused in the past. Knowing the true condition of a building before you buy it will help you to make a safer investment, with minimal risks.

Using the Industry-best Practices to Locate Termites

We do our inspections with the latest innovations in the industry, focusing on termites (as they are the primary danger for buildings’ integrity). We use a moisture metre to establish whether building materials have the moisture levels that make them high-risk for termites. We use a thermal imaging camera to detect the heat given off by termites, and optical borescopes to look into small places under buildings and between gaps. An optical borescope helps us to detect termite damage.

Electronic odour detectors are sensitive to methane, which is produced by termites, and an acoustic emissions device will help us to locate termites thanks to their chewing and busy workers’ vibrations.

The Importance of Professional Pest and Building Inspections

It is important to hire a professional to do these inspections. A trained eye can identify the difference between termite mounds (high-risk potential) outside and earthworm mounds (harmless – in fact, they indicate fertile soil). The structural aspect of the wood elements will need to be assessed; like the joists, sill plates, and studs. The professional will also arrive geared for climbing under the building, equipped with a flashlight and a camera/device to take photos.

You will then have a comprehensive pest report drawn up, complete with photographic records to back the claims (if anything is found). This report can be used to support your lowered price offer on a new property. It can also be used to claim back on work that was supposed to be completed and proved ineffective.

We Offer Comprehensive Pest and Building Inspections

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Building and Pest Inspections Brisbane

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