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It’s surprising exactly how much damage termites can do. As homeowners we often don’t see it until it is too late. Whenever you see the first signs of timber pests around your home you need take action immediately. Or better still, prevent them from accessing your property by using temite control methods by licensed professionals.

Our termite professionals have the tools, knowledge, and know-how when it comes to destroying white ants. We gaurantee to keep you protected. Our termite control technicians service the Toowoomba, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions. Talk to us today to discuss our various affordable termite control services.

What Are Termites?

Termites (also known as white ants) are small insects that feed on wood. They are pests of homes throughout Australia.  The two types known as the swarmer and the worker. The reproductive cast of the termite colony are known as the swarmers. They are black or dark brown and around 4mm in length. As they lose their wings early they may appear wingless. The worker termites are lighter brown and around3-4 mm in lnegth. They are typically seen in open infested wood or when mud foraging tubes are broken.

Remember the presence of termites means you need to call a licensed professional to prevent serious damage.

Termites are very secretive and know how to keep their presence under wraps inside of your home, and in most cases you will not know about them before it is too late. Still, you can look for strange signs of damage as you move around your home. For example, you might see discolored drywall, peeling paint, small holes in your walls, and wood that sounds hollow when you give it a rap.


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Termite Inspections

All termite jobs start with an inspection. Of course you can go straigt into installing a termite barrier or baiting system but for most of us, an inspection is where it all starts. We will check various areas of your home. These include your crawlspace, the attic, and areas underneath your sinks in the kitchen and the bathroom. We’ll also inspect the outside and the inside of your house, all with some of the best tools in the industry. Some of these tools include thermal imaging to see exactly what is crawling through your walls, moisture meters, and a termite tapper.

These tools allow us to find infestations quickly, and prevents us from needing to dig around inside of your drywall to find the problem.

Termite Barriers

Once we identify and destroy the infestation inside of your home, then we still need to make sure that they aren’t going to come back. Termite barriers will use both chemical and physical processes to make sure that the insects stay away.

One of the physical methods that we use includes the process of trenching to take care of subterranean termites. We will trench the outside wall, digging a 6” by 6” trench outside the wall where the termites have come inside. Then we will mix a termiticide solution with water and pour the mixture into the trench. We will also mix the soil that was extracted from the trench and then put it back into the trench.

The Termiticide is slow acting and will not repel the termites. Instead the compound is slow acting and they will get it on their bodies. Then they will carry it back to the nest, where it will spread as the termites keep touching one another. After a period, any affected termite will die. If enough die, the nest will be destroyed.

Chemical barriers can last for about eight to fourteen years without needing to be maintained, meaning that your home will be shielded for the long term! We do use Fipronil in our chemical barrier, as the main product that we use is Termidor. We can use the products in gel, liquid, or foam form on your soil.

Termite Baiting

Termite baiting stations are effective long term treatments that will control and protect your home. Bait stations are buried in the yard and are attractive to the subterranean insects.

They are drawn to the baits and are then covered with Hexaflumuron which weakens their exo-skeletons and their mandibles, which stops them from being able to chew on timber. Then they take the termiticide back to the nest to infect the colony. We use only the best termite bait brands to make sure that you can ‘set them and forget them’ including Exterra and Sentricon.

These bait stations will work and will keep working, making sure that any nests will get eradicated.

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Live Termite Spraying

If there is an active termite colony and nest we will  treat them immediately. We use a powerful termiticides called Termidor which has fipronil as the active ingredient. Additionally, we can spray the soil outside of your house using liquid termiticides, foam and dust agents, and even fumigation to make sure they are removed.

How much do barriers cost?

The cost of termite barriers ranges from $1000 to $5000 depending on the size of property in lineal metres.

How much does Termite damage cost?

As of 2021, residents in Australia spend around $1 billion dollars annually to control termites and repair the damage they cause. The damage that the formosan subterranean termite causes to homes yearly costs anywhere from 1 to 2 billion dollars.

How often do you need an inspection?

Inspections are recommended every 12 months.

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