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Pest inspections focus predominantly on termites. This is because termites can remain undetected for years at a time, causing irreparable damage.

Termites are so adept at remaining undetected, it takes specialist equipment to confirm their presence;

  • Thermal Imaging Camera – all creatures give off some heat. If there is a congregation of termites, thermal imaging will pick them up. It must be used in conjunction with other measures.
  • Optical Borescopes – By drilling a very small hole, a light is cast through a hollow tube which will detect visual termite damage within hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Electronic Odour Detectors – These detect methane gas produced by termites
  • Acoustic Emission Devices – Worker termites are very busy, alongside this, there is the constant munching. This device will detect the vibrations of termites.
  • Moisture metres – A capacitance metre is used to measure the moisture level in building materials. This will indicate whether it is potentially termite-supporting.

Are you unsure if you have termites or timber pests in your home? A pest inspection is the best way to stay informed. Pests are generally out of sight. By the time you start seeing them, even in small numbers and only rarely, you probably have an infestation brewing. Our inspectorst will identify any termite actvity before it becomes a problem.

We are fully licensed (by the Queensland Government) and our work comes with a 12-month warranty. We use eco-friendly products to give you peace of mind and a safe, pest-free environment.

The Process

Initial Assessment: We start by evaluating your property and look for any weaknessess that termites may takre advantage of.  We inspect all areas of both internal and external to check for evidence of pest infestations.

Identification: If we find live termites or other timber pests it is esential to identify the species and activity levels. By looking at the surrounding environment we can also dtermine the type of pests likely to habituate the area.

Reporting and Recommendations: Your inspector will issue a report which will include recommnedations for treatment plans which may include a termite barrier or baiting system.

Experience and Knowledge

With our industry knowledge and experience, we have seen many cases of infestations. For that reason, we consider every pest a legitimate health hazard.  We can carry out comprehensive pest inspections to identify infestations that are around the corner before they happen. We can find white ants, termites, fungal decay, wood borers.

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  • QBCC Licensed
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  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Comprehensive Pest Inspection Report
  • Bed Bug Inspection
  • Termite Inspection
  • Integrated Pest Management Plan
  • Residential & Commercial Pest Inspection and Treatment
  • Termite Inspections and Treatment Options

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