Plant A Tree Initiative

Learn about our partnership with Carbon Neutral.

Carbon Neutral

When you book a job with us, we plant a tree on your behalf. But, we don’t plant just any tree.  It’s a native species that supports the natural ecosystems and wildlife. You are helping to create habitats that are more resilient to Australia’s climate. This has been made possible due to our partnership with Carbon Neutral.

About Carbon Neautral

Carbon Neutral is an environmentally aware organisation. They works towards minimising environmental impact we all contribute too. By full offsetting our carbon emissions each year with locally sequestered Australian Native Reforestation – Gold Standard VERs. Every year they conduct an Organisational Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report that verifies Carbon Neutral’s carbon footprint and to ensure they manage their our own carbon footprint.

Your Contribution

When you book your pest control job with us not only do you become our customer, you also become our partner in climate change. We will plant 1 native tree in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor on your behalf. You will receive a certificate thanking you for helping renew our environment and combating climate change.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the program please don’t hesitate to contact us.