Termite Barriers Brisbane

Chemical Termite Barrier with an 8 Year Warranty

Termite Barrier Brisbane

If you’re a Brisbane homeowner you need to protect your house from termite attacks. The most effective protection is installing termite barriers around the perimeter of your property.

Termite barriers prevent termites from reaching your home and causing damage. Termite protection helps block entry points and forms a shield around your house. It’s one of the best termite protection solutions available. Plus it is a proven way to prevent a termite infestation from invading any type of building.

Termites cost thousands of daollars in damage to Australian homes every year. To prevent costly repairs, it’s a good idea to have a trained and licensed pest control company install a termite barrier. We can provide you with an affordable and effective termite barriers with an 8 year warranty by Termidor.

Eco Pest Control Brisbane offers some of the most potent and effective termite barriers and baiting systems to stop an infestation before it ever starts.

5 Essential Termite Facts

  • There are mainly two types of white ant that can damage Australian homes: subterranean termites and drywood termites.
  • They are prolific wood eaters that will devour almost any type of wood in your home.
  • The wood-destroying insects are active year-round, even during the winter.
  • Termites never sleep, which is bad news if you have an infestation. They won´t stop eating.
  • They won´t just eat the wood in your home. They´ll feast on anything containing cellulose, such as wallpaper, clothing and cardboard boxes.

Pre-Construction for New Homes

The Building Code of Australia states that every new construction must have physical termite barriers installed. A physical barrier is typically a stainless steel mesh or polymer sheeting added under the concrete slabs of a building during the construction process. It creates an impenetrable barrier and physically stops the pest from entering.

At Eco Pest Control Brisbane we recommend and install several types of highly durable physical barriers for superior termite protection, including:

  • HomeGuard – incorporates Bi-flex termiticide into its plastic matrix to repel, kill and block subterranean termite species.
  • Termimesh – marine-grade, stainless steel mesh that is resistant to termite chewing and is tightly weaved to stop them from crawling through.
  • Term-Seal – a triple layer protective sheet that forms continuous termite resistant and a waterproof termite protection system. It is impregnated with Bifenthrin, a termiticide that kills and repels termite colonies.
  • Kordon – a synthetic webbing treated with Deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that is very poisonous for termites.


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Chemical Termite Barriers

Chemical termite barriers involve using a liquid chemical to prevent termite entry. The termiticide is applied in the soil around the perimeter of a property or under concrete. Unlike physical termite barriers, which are generally installed before construction takes place, chemical termite barriers can be installed at any time.

We apply Termidor in our chemical barriers, one of the most effective non-repellent liquid termiticides on the market. It is designed specially to target termite species and cannot be detected or sensed by them. These destructive pests unwittingly ingest Termidor and carry it back to their nest. They then spread it to other members of their colony which results in complete desctruction. Treatment with Termidor protects for up to eight years.

Chemical Termite Barrier Treatment

 Chemical Barrier Installation

  • First a trench is dug around the building and liquid chemical poured in. The termiticide must penetrate the soil to a depth of at least 100 millimetres below the footing.
  • If there is concrete and paving such as a patio, small access holes are drilled that are no more than 200 millimetres to 300 millimetres apart. These will be capped once the chemical has been applied.
  • The brand of chemical used is Termidor, Premise or Biflex.
  • The quantity of termiticide and its concentration. The average treatment requires around 500 to 600 litres. At Eco Pest Control Brisbane we adhere to product label application rates. This is normally 5 litres of mixed solution per lineal metre of soil.

When we install termite barriers, we follow strict guidelines to ensure long-term property protection and safety. These include:

  • Australian Standards AS3660.1-2014 & AS3660.2.-2017
  • The Building Code of Australia/The National Construction Code
  • Chemical labels of termiticides
  • Chemical companies
  • Manufacturers of physical termite barriers
  • Installation of Chemical Termite Barriers

 Termite Baiting and Monitoring Systems

We can also protect your property with highly effective termite baiting and monitoring systems.

Termite bait stations which contain baits are placed around the perimeter of a home. Termites are attracted to the bait material and they carry it back to the nest, where it is fed to the termite queen and other termite castes. The slow-acting poison works its way through the colony, killing all the insects.

The termite bait stations are inserted into the soil. They are typically no more than three metres apart. They contain thin strips of eucalypt timber interceptors that termites love to eat. The time to monitor the station varies. This ranges from every 4 weeks to once a year. They continue feeding and take the bait back to their colony, where the termiticide spreads.

To protect your property, Eco Pest Control Brisbane will use either of the following highly effective bait and monitoring stations.

  • Exterra Elite Termite Management System
  • Sentricon System
  • Trelona Advanced Termite Baiting System

 Accessing Your Home

Termite barriers and bait and monitoring systems are an effective way to protect your home against termite attacks and are much cheaper than having to repair damage post-infestation. The cost of treatment depends on various factors. These include the size of your property, the external landscape, soil type and whether there is concrete or pavers. Split-level homes partly built beneath the ground will need additional treatment. This may include installing a complete protection system to the retaining walls.

 Benefits of Termite Barriers in Brisbane

  • They keep the pest away from your home.
  • Increased property value due to protection.
  • You can detect them before they reach your property.
  • They help protect the structural integrity of your home.
  • It´s less expensive to prevent termite attacks than repair damage.


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For chemical barriers, the property owner is given a certificate of installation. For pre construction work, you will get a form 16. This states that the work meets the National Construction Code requirements and complies with relevant Australian Standards AS3660.1-2014.

Don’t be defenceless against termite-attack. Contact the termite professionals today.

Cost of Termite Barriers

The typical cost of installing termite protection is between $2,000 up to $4,500. 

These are the factors that effect the cost of the barrier.

  • Type of protection: There are generally two types of barriers. Pre-construction and psot-construction. Pre construciton is normally cheaper as access is easier.
  • Type of Termiticide – Nonrepellent chemicals are more expensive than the repellent type. Termidor a nonrellant and costs more Biflex Aquamax for example.
  • The size of the property: The bigger the property the higher the cost. Most companies price per lineal metre.
  • Infestation Status: Is there an existing termite infestation? You have to treat the active termites before you can install  a barrier.
  • Preor Post-construction: Preconstruction barriers are cheaper. Post-treatment is intrusive and requires more labour intensive work to install.

Active termite treatment starts at $120. However we will include free active termite trament with every protection system installed.

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