Ways we reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainable operations to help reduce waste, energy and resources.

Here you will find ways we help reduce our environmental consumption.

Environmentally Friendly Business

Our mission at Eco Pest Control is to reduce our environmental impact. From planting trees for every new customer, to optimising our technician drive times to reduce fuel we always try to minimise our carbon footprint. It’s a constant evolving process and we continue to learn each and every day.


Wherever possible we reuse and recycle. From simple things like printing on reverse sides of paper to creating our own reminder notepads from previous used printing. We follow the guidelines as recommended by the Queensland Government including the following.

  • Avoid materials being used unnecessarily
  • Reduce requirements for paper usage – Print double-sided when appropriate
  • Reuse we encourage our team to utilize scrap paper instead of purchasing post-it notes
  • recycle materials we use –  excess paper can be taken home for compost or mulch

Sustainable purchasing

We practice sustainable purchasing to help reduce waste, energy and resources. Whenever we make a purchase for office supplies or other products we will check if there is a option to use recycled materials. Suppliers who share our goal of having the least impact on the environment are always preferred. This includes the following practices.

  • Office and Paper
  • Chemicals and Equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Supplies (e.g. office supplies made from recycled plastic, furniture made from recycled rubber
  • Energy and Water Use

Less application, more education

By educating our customers on natural ways to help reduce pest problems we can minimise the amount of chemicals we apply. By reducing our chemical volume we can also help protect the environment. All properties we treat we supply a complete checklist of ways homeowners can help reduce pests naturally.


If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know.