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Are you having a spider problem? 

Let’s face it. Most of us are scared of spiders. The sight of them crawling around your home can be frightening. But if you need spider removal then getting a professional spider treatment service is the best way to remove these pests. Our pest control technicians are trained and experienced in spider treatment and understand their habitats. Eco Pest Control Brisbane has over 20 years eperience treating large and small spider problems.

We provide professional pest control services throughout all of Brisbane. Spiders tend to keep to themselves, spinning their webs and crawling around unnoticed, But in some cases they can be unsightly and disturb the peace. If unsure call a trained professional in pest control.

What Are Spiders?

Spiders are air breathing arthropods with eight legs. They belong to a group of animals called arachnids.  Also in this group are scorpions, mites, and ticks. Arachnids are different from insects as they have eight legs. Their fangs can inject venom and spinnerets that will extrude silk. This allows the pest to spin their trademark webs, and despite being very unique they are also very diverse when it comes to their species. They’ve also been able to live on every continent except for Antarctica, and are carnivorous creatures that feed on the prey they trap inside of their webs. If you start seeing evidence of webs you should call our professional pest extermination team to treat the problem.

Common Species

Common species found in Queensland include black house spider, huntsman spider, white-tailed-spider, redback spider, daddy long legs and the wolf spider. Although their venom can be dangerous and lethal only about 2% are deadly.

The Mouse Spider

They are about 35mm in size, are dark brown to black in colour, and live in small burrows that allow them to ambush and also overpower much larger prey. Their venom has never killed a human, but if you happen to be bitten by a mouse spider, you need to seek medical attention immediately.

Red Back Spider

As the name suggests the red back has a distinctive red marking on its back that makes the otherwise all black arachnid very easy to see. The Female of the species is the biggest and tends to be a ground spider, catching and eating prey much bigger than itself. The males are smaller and live for about 6 to 7 months, while the females tend to live for two to three years.


Spider Treatments Brisbane

Health Risks

Although there is around 2000 species in Australia most are harmless. Symptons from bites include mild pain, redness, itching, nausea, swelling and vomiting.  If you get bitten by a spider apply an icepack. If you are feeling unwell call triple zero (000) and request an ambulance.

Signs of Spider Infestation

They will often hide in dark damp places looking or food such as ants, flies and other insect pests. The main tell-take sign you have spiders is seeing their webs.

How To Control Spiders

If you see them don’t panic.

  • Stay Calm – Remember most spiders are not venomous in Australia. They will rarely attack you if not disturbed. Just try to avoid contact and call a pest control expert to treat the area and remove them.
  • Identify – If it’s safe try to identify the speies so you know if it’s dangerous.
  • Seal Openings – Fix holes or cracks around windows or doors that allow for these pests to enter.
  • Install Protection – Install flyscreens and weather-strips on doors to minimise them from entering your home.
  • Remove – If its safe you can carefully collect the psider in a jar and release it in the backyard. Make sure you identify the species first to ensure its not venomous.
  • collect them carefully from their webs and then deposit out in the garden,
  • Call an Expert – If in doubt call a trained pest control professional to help you remove them.

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