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If you’re looking for an affordable and accurate termite inspection service, we can help.

Did you know termites cause millions of dollars worth of damage in Australia every year? In order to make sure that your home is a statistic, you need regular termite inspections.

If you have never had an inspection you’re probably wondering what the process is, how they are done and what they cost? Let’s answer at these important questions now.

What are termite inspections?

A termite inspection is detailed visual inspection using tools to find evidence of  termite activity. The inspector will visually inspect the interior and exterior of the home or building including any accessible roof cavities or roof void, and sub-floor areas.
Our inspectors will inspect all areas of your home including the roof void and sub floor areas as well as outdoors. They will be looking for loose or damaged floorboards, odd and small holes in your drywall, peeling paint, and discoloration on your walls. They can also be found outside, they especially love eating dead tree stumps or on other dead wooden areas.

Areas we inspect

We’ll inspect at your yard and more importantly your home’s foundation. This includes the crawl space as the termites will often find their way inside this way. Then we inspect under the house as the termites like damp and dark areas. Here we look for signs of moisture and damp areas that promote termite activity.

Finally, we also inspect the roof void. Termites can establish colonies inside your rafters and wooden beams.

We will look at the walls on both the inside and the outside of your home. We’ll also look for signs of termite droppings, mud tubs, signs of termites and termite corpses plus other signs of damage.

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Do I have to Prepare?

As long as there is access to your roof avoid and sub floor areas we will be able to inspect all areas for you.

Tools we use

Borescope camera

This camera allows us to get into your wall by inserting the thin serpent like tube that has a camera and an LED light attached. The camera connects to a larger camera that allows us to see what the first camera sees. A borescope is an invaluable tool when it comes to analyzing the condition of your walls.

Moisture metres

Wood is very sensitive to moisture content, and the moisture meters allow our team to identify any anomalies inside your wooden walls. If there is a moisture level of 20% or higher, we tend to classify that as an indicator of termite presence.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging detects the heat through the walls and the floors of your home. This warmer temperature is different from the normal heat level of floors. The thermal camera is not only able to identify the change in heat patterns, but they also lead us straight to where the termite nest is.

Termite tapper

The termite tapper is a long stick with a ball on the end, and acts as a sounding tool. If you have ever hit a hollow wall and then a load bearing wall, you know that they sound different. The termite tapper does the same thing, allowing us to see if any termite activity has occurred.


We can’t get into your walls, under your house, or around your yard without light. You will see your inspector with a portable flashlight or headlight.

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Termatrac is a non-invasive radar that allows our team to perform three searches in one with searches for radar, thermal, and moisture.

What if termites are found?

We will recommend treatment to remove the infestation. We will often use termiticide sprays and foam to treat the areas.

How long does inspection take?

An inspection will take between 45 to 90 minutes depending on the size of the property.

How much does it cost?

Termite and timber pest inspections cost $220.

When do I get the report?

We will email you the easy to read inspection report within 2 hours of completion.

Same day reporting is part of our gauranteed 100% satisfaction service.

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Our Service Guarantee

  • Experienced and Accurate Termite Inspectors
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  • Pre Purchase Inspections
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  • Termidor Termite Barriers with 8 Year Subterranean Termite Warranty

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