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Found rat droppings in your pantry and behind your furniture? Rodents have the ability to sneak into small openings and extremely narrow pipes. Eco Pest Control Brisbane specializes in rodent control and elimination throughout Southeast Queensland.

Rodents might seem cute or harmless, but they can cause a lot of damage to yourself, your property, and your health if left unchecked. If you don’t want the rats moving your cheese and causing all sorts of trouble, you need our rat control service for small rats and mice.

What Are Rodents?

Rodents are gnawing mammals, and their order includes rats, mice, squirrels, and hamsters. They all have constantly growing incisor teeth and are also one of the largest orders of mammals as well. The teeth of rodents never stop growing and will require them to continue chewing and biting in order to wear them down.

They are mostly herbivores and omnivores, so they will munch on just about anything, even cheese! They can also live in several different environments, and will readily invade a house for shelter. Rodent control uses baits and gels to attract the rats and mice which will then ingest the poison and die.

Common Types Of Rodents

The Brown Rat (The Rattus Norvegicus)

One of the two main types of rats you can find in Australia, they will burrow and climb to get around. They are up to 40 cm in length, are around 350 to 500g in weight, and ironically enough the preferred food is cereal. Brown rats are active at night or at dusk, and are also very good swimmers. They will come into your house in search of food and if they happen to find a source of water they can put down roots.

The Black Rat (The Rattus Rattus)

The Black Rat is around 16-24cm in length, and is a very good climber. They will eat moist fruits and will need about 15 grams of food a day. They are nocturnal and will often live in large groups which will build large nests for their male and female members.

Rodent Control Experts

How To Control Them

  • Removing all sources of food and water is a good trick to keep the rodents away. Cleaning kitchen areas, sealing pantries, having a rat safe bird feeder, and fixing up any potential water sources is a great way to keep the rats out.
  • Additionally, remove any dark areas near your house that could be used as shelter. Fill any holes in your wall, clear out any dark and unused spaces, and make sure there aren’t any places where rats can hide away.
  • If you want to kill, rather than repel, you can use rat poison or traps to cull the rat population and keep them away from your home.

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