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Rats and mice are common pests in all Australian homes. They threaten the health and well being of your family by spreading diseases. If you have a rodent infestion at your property you need to take action immediately to eliminate threat. At Eco Pest Control Brisbane we provide rodent ontrol for all rat and mouse problems. From large rats to small mice we can control them with our advanced pest control methods. We also offer rodent removal services for customers wanting to remove a rat problem in a heaviliy infested property. We are the leading rodent control and removal service in Brisbane. With over 20 years experience you can trust our pest technicians to use the best pest control techniques for instant results.

So if you are searching for an affordable rat removal solutions to remove rats and mice we can help. Our effective treatment solutions and gauranteed to remove all infesttaion issues and limit of risk of future outbreaks.

Contact our highly trained team to get a tailored and preventative rat control and rodent removal service in Brisbane with exceptional results.

What Are Rats?

Rats have a thin tail and are considered a medium sized rodent. Although they orginated in parts of Asia and Australia they are now found all over the world. The term rodents covers all rats and mice species found in Australia. True rats are members of the genus Rattus but the rodents we know are share similar characteristics. They are mostly omnivores and will munch on just about anything they can get their teeth on. Our rat control methods use baits and gels to attract the rat and mice to ingest the poison and die.

Fun Fact:  Did you know the teeth of a rat never stops growing? They are constantly chewing, biting and grinding their teeth to wear them down and keep them short and sharp.

Common Types Of Rodents

We provide tailored treatment plans for all rodent pests in South East Queensland. The three main types of rat in Brisbane are as follows:

Norway Rat

Also known as the Brown Rat (The Rattus Norvegicus) Sewer rat or Wharf rat. One of the three main types of rat species you can find in Queensland, they will burrow and climb to get around. They are up to 40 cm in length, are around 350 to 500g in weight, and ironically enough the preferred food is cereal. Found mainly active at night or at dusk, and are also very good swimmers. They will come into your house in search of food and if they happen to find a source of water they may start to nest and breed.

Roof Rat

These are also known as the Black rat (The Rattus Rattus) or Ship rat. They are around 16-24cm in length, and is a very good climber. Found feeding mostly on moist fruits and will need about 15 grams of food a day. They are nocturnal and will often live in large groups which will build large nests for their male and female members.

House Mouse

A small omnivorous mouse with a body around 75mm long and a tail similar length. The house mouse weighs only about 30g. The small pest with a ferocious appetite as it can eat non-food items such as insulation and other building materials.

Health Risks Of Infestations

  • Health Risks – Rodents can disease like leptospirosis, salmonellosis and tularaemia. These can be transmitted from rat bites, handling dead rats or from contamination from rat droppings, urine or saliva
  • Contaminating Food – If a rodent comes into contact with any food items they will need to be destoyed. If you have an infestion its good practise thorough cleaning and hygiene to avoid canominatioon.
  • Property Damage – A single rat can chew through electrical wiring and appliances, lead sheeting and aluminium. This can weaken the structural integrity of your building.

Signs of Rodent Infestation

You probably won’t see or hear rodents during the day. They become active at night. So next time you hear something ruslting in the roof, it might be a good time ot call a rat control expert in rodent removals. These are the signs of a possible rodent infestion so you’ll know when to call the experts.

  • Sightings – Seeing rodents is the first sign you have a problem.
  • Sounds – At night listen for squeaking sounds of little feet running across your roof.
  • Smell – They leave a pungent smell in any areas they inhabit
  • Rub Marks – Look for dark and greasy marks
  • Chewing – Look of packets of food for chew marks
  • Nesting Materials – shredding materials like paper, plant or fabric on floors or roofs.
  • Droppings – Found under sinks and in food cupboards and draws.
  • Urine – if you see small urine streaks it might be a sign of rodent issues


Rodent Control Tips

Here are some tips for removing rodents.

  • Removing all sources of food and water is a good trick to keep the rodents away. Cleaning kitchen areas, sealing pantries, having a rat safe bird feeder, and fixing up any potential water sources is a great way to keep the rats out.
  • Additionally, remove any dark areas near your house that could be used as shelter. Fill any holes in your wall, clear out any dark and unused spaces, and make sure there aren’t any places where a rat can hide away.
  • If you want to kill, rather than repel, you can use rat poison or traps to cull the rat population and keep them away from your home.


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