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Worried about termites damaging your property? These pests cause billions of structural damage to home and business owners. Eco Pest Control Brisbane offers long-term protection with our quality termite control solutions and baiting systems.

Termites are chewers, they love to get into your walls and start to tear them apart in their search for timber. If you have found that termites have invaded your home, you need to act right away. These termites feed on wood, and you need to make sure they are handled before your home falls around your ears!

What Are Termites?

Termites are large insects (also called white ants) that feed on wood, and when wood is involved they will get into your house and start tearing it apart. They can get inside your home through the underground or through your damp or dry wood. Termites will live in whatever they can to survive, and will live in any climate.

Types Of Termites

  • Coptotermes Acinaciformis

This termite has a pear shaped head and smooth mandibles, and has a body up to 7mm long. They are warrior termites and will produce a white sticky liquid to defend the colony, and they mostly nest in dark and cold spaces beside houses. They need to have a steady moisture supply and security, and most of the time they are subterranean.

  • Cryptotermes Brevis

These drywood termites are an invasive species native to South America and are a very serious threat to Australia. It is a drywood termite that can infest small pieces of timber that can be moved around, so they will be spread very easily. These colonies are about 1000 individuals in total and several colonies can exist near one another in the same piece of timber. If your house has drywood, they will certainly invade your home.

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How To Control Them

  • The best way to remove termites is to make sure that they cannot get into your home. You can treat the soil around your home with insecticides to stop the invasion of subterranean termites.
  • You can also inspect the wood, either by yourself or with the aid of a contractor, and can treat the wood directly. If it cannot be treated it can be destroyed.
  • Termite traps or bait can also be used to draw termites in and then expose them to foods or sprays that will send the termites back to their nests with it. Then the poison will spread and also kill all the other termites.
  • Call upon a professional contractor if the damage is severe, and they will help you discover the source of the termites and help you eradicate them.

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